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Oil Storage Tanks


Checking your Oil Tank

This is the perfect time of year to check your oil tank. It can be easy to overlook this job and for most of us the oil tank may be in area of your garden that is concealed. Unfortunately we find that most customers only check their tank when something goes wrong and this can be after they have filled their tank which can result in significant loss of fuel and damage to your garden. Checking your oil tank now can help you identify any issues before they become a big problem during the Winter months.

How can you check your oil tank for damage?

  1. Start from the ground up and check that the area is clear of rubbish and overgrowth. Make sure that the ground that the oil tank is resting on is level and sturdy.
  2. Make sure that shrubs and trees are not growing over the top of the tank as this can leave the tank vulnerable during bad weather. It is advisable to remember that garden furniture and trampolines can cause significant damage if they blow into your oil tank so its worth investing in strong anchors to keep them in place or move them indoors for safety.
  3. Check the ground around the tank for any oil staining or leakages.
  4. Check the entire tank for cracks, splits, bulges, deep scratches or damage.
  5. Check the pipes, seals and openings for rust or cracks.


Take action and don’t overlook damage as it can result in a loss of heating oil, seriously damage your garden and of course hit you hard in your pocket!


At Oriel Oil, we have a wide range of oil tanks if you need to replace your tank before it becomes a bigger problem. We also stock a full range of fittings and accessories including sight gauges.

For advice on choosing the correct tank or for larger industrial sized tanks, please contact us on 042 9661321.